Men's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
MGA Players' Handicap Responsibilities
Posted October 12th, 2020
The Mission Valley CC Men’s Golf Association provides an opportunity for players of all skill levels to compete. The vehicle that allows players with a wide range of abilities to compete fairly is the USGA Handicap System. For the handicap system to work effectively, players have certain responsibilities.

These responsibilities include:
  • Following the Rules of Handicapping as determined by the USGA
  • Maintaining only one handicap
  • Knowing your Handicap Index and Course Handicap (Your index is recalculated at midnight every day. So you need to check it on the day of your next round and determine your Course Handicap.)
  • Identifying the holes where strokes will be given or received
  • Attempting to make the best score possible
  • Entering all scores:
    • for all rounds played in an acceptable format
    • before midnight on the day of play
    • in the correct chronological order
  • Playing by the Rules of Golf
Following the Rules of Handicapping is a prerequisite for competing in MGA events.
If you have any questions, please ask them via our contact page or ask our MVCC golf professional, Brian Dahle.

For your ease of access, some excerpts from the USGA Rules of Handicapping are availabe here. Highlights have been added to identify the most relevant sections.