Men's Golf Association
at Mission Valley Country Club, Nokomis, FL
MGA Shoot-Out
Format: 9 holes each of Pinehurst, Shamble, Best-Ball and Scramble

2020 Shoot-Out Overall Winners: Jack Mooney - Fred Binder
1st Overall
Fred Binder/Jack Mooney Score 130.5 $80ea
First Flight Winners
1st Fred Allen/Steve Sody Score 134 $65ea
2nd John Fuzak/John Landis Score 135 $40ea
3rd Bill Moore/Ken Freeman Score 137 $30ea
Second Flight Winners
1st James Deddo/Mark Collier Score 133.5 $65ea
2nd Bob Smialek/Richard Cole Score 136 $40ea
3rd Greg Welch/Buzz Lewis Score 137 $30ea
Third Flight Winners
1st Dave Rose/Mark Moran Score 132.5 $65ea
2nd Tie Dave Lucas/Jack Cavness Score 134 $35ea
2nd Tie Jim Quick/Tom Grover Score 134 $35ea
4th Flight Winners
1st Dick Beharrell/Paul Babbitt Score 137.5 * $65ea
2nd Ken Plunkett/Mark Kahler Score 137.5 $40ea
3rd Bill Kissell/Bob McCann Score 140 $30ea
5th Flight Winners
1st Kurt Sangmeister/Tommy Steckel Score131 $65ea
2nd Bruce Brownyard/John Pape Score 134.5 $40ea
3rd Michael Greene/Bill Schilling Score 137 $30ea
* = scorecard playoff

Pinehurst Winners
John Barrett/Robert Radlinski 33.5 $25ea
Shamble Winners
Bill Walters/Jeff Bell 31 $25ea
Best Ball Winners
Robert Lander/Tom Gilberti 32 $25ea
Scramble Winners
Alan Anderson/Dick Weller 30.75 $12.50
Jim Ebert/Nick Kavonas 30.75 $12.50
MGA Season-Long Point Cup Shoot-Out
Saturday, April 27th 2024
1:30 tee time with 10 players. If qualifiers cannot attend, we will take players in order until we have 10. Ties for last spot(s) will be most points won as an average per person. If it still is a tie, then it's the most points won in the final event.